December 3, 2013

Wet to Dry

in the Fall/Winter issue of moonShine review (Volume 9, Issue 2), a journal of creative prose and photography.

My story is 2050 words; first version completed May, 2011, final version, September, 2013.


Cathrine said...

Yeah :-)))))) congrats !
What good news to read on your birthday :-) !
Congrats and happy birthday !

jgy said...

Congratulations Teresa!
And I just noticed from Catherines comment its (was?!) you birthday! Happy Birthday!!
December b-day?! Me too!

Izzy Muses said...

I just read your review of The Goldfinch on Goodreads and also your piece on The Little Friend. I enjoyed your take on both. I read The Secret History way back when it first came out and remember being absorbed in the story but not enjoying the dark side so much. I prefer The Goldfinch which somehow seems a sunnier place notwithstanding all the bad stuff that Boris and Theo get involved in. Am just about to start reading Kate Atkinson's Life after Life and then perhaps will revert to Tartt. I see we have quite a few books in common. If you are interested, you'll find my take on what I'm reading at